Marcos Valle ~ Estrelar 1983 Funky Purrfection Version

The first time I heard this one was on a TV ad for Southern Comfort (enjoy responsibly!). It was hypnotizing, inviting and unexpectedly funky tune sung in Portuguese by Marcos Valle, a Brazilian who recorded it for his 1983 eponymously titled LP entitled "Estrelar" which is Portuguese meaning "to (be) a star". Among the writers credits, I noticed that Leon Ware was involved. Leon had a long history of writing music for a variety of Motown artists, most notably on Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" LP. Marcos was born on September 14, 1943 in Rio de Janeiro. He has been recording in his native Brazil since 1963 and has released nearly an album a year up to 2010 when the release dates kept spreading out culminating in 2018 with "Edu, Dori & Marcos" a new release. For those of you who remember the uncommon songs of the 60's, you may remember a bossa nova type piano driven tune by Walter Wanderley "So Nice (Summer Samba)" a #26 pop hit from 1966. Well, Valle had recorded a vocal version in 1965 as "Samba de Verão" in his native language where it was a major hit. I found a wealth of information on Valle and can say I am truly impressed with the man and his music, it's lovely and evocative of each era he recorded in. You can see the original video commercial here https://youtu.be/gHD3b4Ffjdk Check it out! It was totally about that man who went through an entire routine where he was doubled, tripled and then there were six of him onscreen doing these kinda funky movements that complemented each other. Once you go to that video, you will notice that Marcos Valle will come up on your recommended videos, I highly recommend you click on a few of them, the man does jazz funk proud!