Introduction to Funk on the Ukulele - Funk chords and WahWah

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Today we are going to learn how to play funk music on the ukulele. We will take a look at the contruction of the dominant 9 chord, the funk chord, what a funky strum pattern would be using the 16th note time subdivision, and lastly we are going to add the wah wah pedal and talk about it's general use and how it effects the funky sound.

Today we are introducing you to the amazingly rich sonic world of funk music on the Ukulele. This music is characterized harmonically by the use of the 9 chord, whether major or minor. The chord is a little different than the add chord chord that we have used in songs like "Message in a Bottle" because it is actually a dominant chord. A dominat chord is like a 7 chord. So if you take a A major chord, also known as A, which is composed of the notes A, the root, C#, the major 3rd and E, the 5th and add a b7th interval, in this case the G note, you get the A7 chord. If you add the 9th interval this chord, the B note you get the A9 chord. Because we only have 4 strings on the Ukulele we have to remove one note, that note will either be the 5th or the root, because these notes do the least to define the harmony, for example the root and the 5th are in A, Am, A7, A9, Am7, Am7, Asus2, Asus4, Add9 for example so removing those notes is the safest because they do the least to define the characteristic of the chord.

We will also look at the strumming, funk is known for its constant movement and that comes from the use of 16th notes, so we will take a look at the funk strum pattern as well.

Lastly, the cheery on top, we will look at the wah wah and how simply rocking it on the 1/4 notes (1 2 3 4) will create a very powerful sound. Enjoy the funkiness my friends!

We will be doing all those through the eyes of a 12 bar blues, which can also be funkified simply by changing up the strum pattern and adding the funk chords to it, enjoy!

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