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El Coo Cooi - Funky Boy (Sesiones CEART)

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Parte de la presentación en CEART de Rosarito por parte de "Sesiones CEART" y El Coo Cooi.

I don't know what you think
But i fucking hate
When i have to give all this fake respect
To who want to keep me down under his eyes
Stomping my face into the ground
My favourites colors are Blue and Red
But when i see them flashing gotta run like hell
'Cause even if i'm just having fun
Those puppets are gonna to hunt me down

This is the way things are and i just don't know How
Do the fuck do we get this goddamn far
This is what i am and this is what i do
And crazy motherfuckers always try to come through

Oh Boy, you know you've gotta let me play my funk
'Cause if you don't i tell you bro i'll go blast off
Are you on my side or are you gonna get on my path?
Get the fuck off my way before that i kick you ass

There's only one thing that you should follow
Your heart and soul 'cause if you don't then you're a coward
I feel the emptiness in every breath i take
Except for the moment when i'm in the stage
'Cause in here i fit like a puzzle piece
Putting my soul into the Funky Feel
Leaders of the world want to keep us down
Well my homie Toño it's gonna blow your mind

If you don't wanna hear what i have to say
I got an advice for you, get the fuck out off this place
This is what we do and this is what i am
And if you don't like it you can suck my D...

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