[Dangdut House/Funky Kota] ANIME-PROJECT - Snow Halation 2019 Funkot DB New

From Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season Ending 9.

Download here : https://anime-project.bandcamp.com/track/snow-halation-2019-funkot-db-new

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Indra Salim, also known as Anime-Project is a Funky Kota (Funkot) music producer and remixer from Bali (Indonesia), DJ (Disc Jockey) and Cosplayer. He is known for remixes of anime songs with funkot version and more fun musical style.
He produces mainly Funkot and Breakbeat songs, although sometimes steps out for other Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genres such as Dubstep, Hardcore, House and Trance.

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