Bata Dender Jam (Modular Funky IDM)

First jam involving the Qu-Bit Data Bender. I honestly couldn't tell you what it's doing. Rings is going into it and pushed a bunch of buttons on it and then sent it a lot of modulation.

Pachinko is driving most of the sequence here, with some of its outputs going to a brancher and dual quantizer in u0_C. Rings goes to Data Bender and then Monsoon on the Loopable Delay mode. Plaits goes to Rainmaker. Rample is doing the voice snippets and going to Rainmaker too. VPME QD is doing the rest of the drums.

Bass is Dixie into Blades. Additional reverb voice is TS-L going into Polaris and the z5000. The Ensemble oscillator is doing some background work.

Fun feel.
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